Friday, August 5, 2022

Crony Capitalism: Big Pharma, Covid, & Vaccines

This presentation was sponsored by politically conservative group, but I am not a conservative, rather a social progressive and a registered democrat. However I am in agreement with the POV presented here.

Something beyond typical right and left politics seems to be going on since the beginning of the pandemic. Perhaps it can be explained by Mattias Desmet in his recently published research project The Psychology of Totalitarianism.

As a result of my high level of interest in the true cause of health I have been made very aware of the many scholars, researchers, and clinicians from around the globe in agreement that what is being done does not make sense.

Wednesday, July 27, 2022

Just how corrupt is the pharma industry?

Short and sweet, two doctors speaking about the corruption in the pharma industry. I will let them do the talking.

Dr. John Campbell speaking about Pfizer's recent trouble with illegal exploitation:

And Dr. Pierre Kory speaking about pandemic policies that caused a humanitarian catastrophe:

The evidence is piling up, and it's getting more and more difficult to imagine how people in these industries rationalize putting profits ahead of lives.

Sunday, July 24, 2022

The Zack Bush Channel

The title of this post is somewhat facetious because I am, clearly, not Zach Bush, make of that what you will:) But it has occurred to me more than once that if I only "curated" conversations and talks with and by Dr. Bush I would potentially be doing a service beyond ranting about how corrupt and ineffective our health care (disease management) system has become.

In the way we have no way of knowing we have become "separate" from nature until we spend some fairly extensive time in primeval wilderness (or at least that is when I was finally able to realize it), we've also lost our point of reference on what health is. And as a result of that we have no way of realizing that the pharmacology industry is at war with true health.

Which on the face of it may sound like a completely preposterous statement. Until and if we realize all of the so called chronic diseases are not primarily the result of aging or genetics (as we are told repeatedly), they are primarily the result of what we put in our mouths and swallow. And pharma does pretty much everything it can to suppress knowledge about the relative ease with which we can regain our health.

Which is basically this simple: eliminate absolutely everything that is processed and refined, and consume only whole foods. We hear this but basically cannot completely conceptualize how to do it, or accept it is that simple. And most so called health retreats don't help that much with the conceptual, educational side of it.

As a single example of many, the National Institute of Health, which is deeply embedded with pharmacology, is the US government's "department" of human health with several sub departments, each an "institute" in it's own right. There are 21 of them, here they are:

Notice anything missing on this list? Where is the Institute of Nutrition? And why should it be on this list?

Because nutrition is the CAUSE of health. And in this day and age, unless we know enough about nutrition to know what not to eat, and why, and what to eat, and why, we have no hope of avoiding the chronic diseases. Why aren't the NIH, the FDA, and the CDC telling us this?

Primarily because even if they were COMPLETELY aware of this, educating the public in it would destroy the profit structure the entire allopathic medical system, which has become behemoth, operates under.

And secondly, years ago, the allopathic model was based on the incorrect notion that every disease condition had a specific and unique pathological root cause, which created the opportunity for developing a unique pharmacological product for each disease. In that world view there is no such thing as a single condition that is causing the dozens of separate  chronic and degenerative diseases that are killing the majority of the population many decades too soon.

That single condition does exist, and is simply a bad diet. A diet that creates addiction and generates huge profits.

It's almost too incredible to believe this is the case, and if it is the case the pharmacological industry would either be so completely blind to it, or so amoral as to effectively lie to us in order to continue generating huge profits on concoctions that do not reverse and cure these conditions.

The truth is it is way too late in the game for pharmacology not to have any inkling of the true cause of the dozens of the chronic diseases. It would be helpful to all of us to recognize the extent to which pharmacology is driven by profit, so much so that the goal of curing the majority of the population of chronic conditions is completely contrary to their tremendously profitable business model. On some level we cannot blame them, human nature being what it is. Or perhaps we can, but to me that is not the point (which is to get and stay healthy).

So let's be very clear about one thing: they are not going to give up their business model and get into the business of creating health. They simply are not going to do it. And there is also very little chance we can force them to do it, there is way too much money in it. The lobbies that "buy" congress. The ancillary industries that also generate huge profits on disease: chemical, fast food, insurance, hospitals, cancer hospitals for children!

And BTW, this is not a call to give up on allopathic medical doctors, but it is to approach them with the understanding the vast majority are either uninformed or "trapped" by the system (or some combination of the two). And so it is to approach with some caution, and "use" them intelligently. These are good people who want to do good. Most are motivated at the beginning to do good.

An aside. When I was signing up for medicare the agent asked what prescriptions I was taking. I said none. The agent then proceeded to ask the exact same question two more times. As if they thought I was lying, or embarrassed, or what, I don't know. Apparently they don't hear that from individuals of that age very often.

If we want to reverse and cure chronic conditions we have to take it on ourselves to do so, and there is some work involved. How valuable are you to you? Personally I think you are pretty damn fabulous, and I want you around as long as humanly possible.

Oh, and Dr. Zach Bush? You could do a lot worse than to start with him. But I must warn you he is prolific, and not all, perhaps not most, of his output is direct information on how exactly to reverse chronic conditions.

Anyway, here is a lovely conversation with Dr. Bush titled "The 6th Great Extinction". Doesn't sound like a lovely topic? Well it isn't, but there isn't a lovelier treatment of it than you will hear than this one...from Dr. Zach Bush.

Wednesday, July 20, 2022

Dr. Ben Carson Accusation: The FDA Violated the Law with its Relentless Crusade Against Ivermectin

Early Treatment for Covid-19 infection would have prevented millions of deaths in the US. It's no exaggeration to say the campaign by BigP against life saving but off patent and off label antivirals, which means very inexpensive and widely available, is a crime against humanity.

The US medical system profits on the promotion of disease in countless ways, and it is gradually becoming more apparent.

Link to the editorial mentioned in the video:

Sunday, July 17, 2022

What is "mass formation"?

How the West brought economic disaster on itself

A most interesting conversation:

How the west brought economic disaster on itself could be seen coming from miles away by anyone who understood The Great Barrington Declaration at the point it was published.

And why was TGBD so roundly trashed? This was the lemmings over the cliff moment...there has probably never been a greater profit vs time sequence in the history of industrialization, an opportunity seized by Big P as a consequence of the pandemic for a virus we learned very early on was very risk stratified. A virus that was not therefor an all encompassing threat to the continuation of the human species, as opposed to the manic-panic narrative that was imposed by the profiteers to the exclusion of all else. A manic narrative that still, BTW, commands the media.

And then there was the west's apparent complete and hubristic lack of understanding of Putin's psychology.

It does make one wonder... is man's most noteworthy (and perhaps ironic) feature his capacity for self-delusion? And why ironic? Because he is so completely unaware of this capacity, despite being "the most intelligent" creature on the planet?

In that one sense we may be the least intelligent of creatures.

The industrialized world led by the US has been headed toward economic collapse for at least two decades. It's only now that the collapse is accelerating that it becomes more "visible".

Saturday, July 16, 2022

Why should we eat more of our food raw?

Why should we eat more of our food raw? It pretty simple really, probably more than we generally realize. Here's a good summation of the reasons:

As Dr. Graham says repeatedly, food choices should be based on 5 factors: fresh, ripe, raw, whole, organic. All can be considered equally important, and we should go toward the highest average when considering all 5.

Fresh, ripe, raw, whole, organic.