Thursday, December 2, 2021

Good Doctors being Persecuted #2

In blog #1 on this topic Why Are the Best Doctors being Persecuted? I used "best doctors" in the title.

Based on feedback I received from a trusted friend I realized the inference could be taken to mean "absolute best doctors", when what I meant was "doctors that are curing covid patients quickly and effectively".

So I stand corrected! There are plenty of good doctors that have significant reservations about mandatory vaccines who choose to remain publicly silent on the issue, and refrain from coming to the attention of state licensing boards, just as there are good doctors (a statistically smaller group) who are both publicly and privately in favor of mandatory vaccines.

Anyway...the letter at the link below will clearly elucidate why so many doctors have significant reservations about mandatory vaccines. This letter is to the Maine Board of Licensure in Medicine by Dr. Meryl Nass, a practicing physician in Maine, who asked the board to define what it means by “misinformation” and “disinformation,” and to clarify what statutory authority the board has to discipline physicians.

I've never seen any of these enumerated factual reasons reported by conventional media, and I think many will be surprised to be informed of them. Read the letter with an open mind and see what you think:

After Licensing Board Threatens Disciplinary Action, Maine Physician Asks Board to Define COVID ‘Misinformation’

Is snacking on apples good or bad?

A friend posed this question, this is my answer:

First let's assume you are not insulin resistant, achieved easily by consuming a low fat nutritionally dense diet.

As an aside, paleos assert they are not insulin resistant, but this is incorrect, they simply have stopped eating carbs to any degree, and remain insulin resistant, which is subsequently triggered by the consumption of carbs.

The paleo argument that carbs should not be consumed at levels that provide significant energy (calories) is pretty silly. Consider:

The body can only run on glucose and/or fat. The biologically preferred fuel is glucose, which we know because the body automatically switches to burning glucose if/when it becomes available again.

And: when athletes "bonk" (run out of glucose) they don't squeeze a tube of fat into their mouth, they squeeze a tube of glucose into it (or better, eat some whole fruit).

And: the brain, which incidentally uses a lot of calories, runs exclusively on glucose. "While the brain represents just 2% of a person's total body weight, it accounts for 20% of the body's energy use". 

And: people who are running on fat energy (ketosis) will automatically convert proteins and fat to glucose for brain function, a process called neoglucogenesis.
So, assuming you are not insulin resistant, yes snacking on apples is great. Snacking on fruit (any kind of "eating" actually, from snacking to whole meals) is very beneficial for many reasons. Here's a few of them:

1) fruit is possibly the best combination of energy (calories) and nutrient density (vitamins and minerals) of any food "type".

2) fruit is the easiest to digest of any food type, and since digestion requires a lot of calories, fruit is an energy efficient fuel.

3) the best way to get essential nutrients is in the consumption of whole foods, and fruits are very high in vitamins (and vegetables are very high in's called "fruits and vegetables" for a reason).

4) fruits are, in my opinion, by far the most delicious uncooked whole food (we have a "sweet tooth" for a reason).

5) fruit (and vegetable) consumption creates the healthiest microbiome and the strongest immune function...which is more resistant to viruses!

My own preference is to eat within a 6 hour "window" everyday, and have a fruit based meal first and a vegetable based meal about 2 hours later. I find 6 hours plenty of time for two meals and to cover my daily fuel requirements.

Wednesday, December 1, 2021

The Success of Very High Vaccination Rates? The Curious Case of Gibraltar

mRNA tech is proving to be the best vaccine tech ever...right? Well, maybe not. What we are seeing over and over is the most highly vaccinated populations are seeing huge increases in infections. 

The silver lining is that mortality is not following suit on a 1 to 1 basis, reducing overall suffering in families and communities considerably, and that is something to be grateful for.

Dr. John Campbell out of the UK again. Here he looks at the curious case of Gibraltar, followed by a look at Europe, experiencing a surge in cases and somewhat higher mortality as well.

He also raises a question for mRNA capacity for prolonged immunity via memory T cells, and the bad news here is it seems to be less effective than more conventional vaccine tech. These kind of questions are not resolved in competing press releases, or even in competing trials conducted by manufacturers, but one of Dr. Campbell's many good qualities is his apparent immunity to PR  :)

In terms of the Omicrom variant we are still waiting to see if it belongs to the class of variants that appear toward the end of a pandemic where infectiousness is higher but mortality lower. That of course would be better than higher rates of both, so let's hope that is the case.

We still don't know what to make of the Omicron "50 mutations" part of the story. Last night I saw that Sinovac, the Chinese vaccine, was derived from a whole virus, a conventional approach to vaccine design, and is potentially effective against 20 mutations. Humm. Well here we have to wonder if conventional tried and tested tech will be more effective against Omicrom.

Sunday, November 28, 2021

Why are the best doctors being persecuted?

By best I mean the doctors that are actually curing covid patients quickly and effectively using off label drugs in the context of "cocktails" consisting of drugs and nutrients.

"Off label" drugs are those that are FDA approved for one condition that are discovered to also work in other conditions. And MD clinicians commonly use whatever treatment is most effective, including off label drugs. Off label drugs are used widely...until now, in the case of one drug in particular.

In the pandemic the off label drug that has been found to work most effectively is also out of patent, and costs a tiny fraction of newer drugs protected by patents. As far as I can tell the only reason this drug has been reviled by the medical establishment is the threat posed to profits by the (potential) wide spread adoption of it.

This smear campaign has only occurred in countries that are under the thumb of Big Pharma. But this drug has also been distributed by government health agencies --to entire populations-- in Japan and India, which resulted in a radical collapse in cases in those populations. It has also been widely used in many other countries as the treatment of choice for Covid-19.

In countries where Big Pharma has political control health takes a backseat to profit, and doctors of conscience are persecuted.

Saturday, November 27, 2021

The Efficacy of Anti-Virials vs SARs-CoV-19 in Japan

Dr. John Campbell of Great Britain looks at the science around the current pandemic dispassionately and with as little bias as any I have seen. Thankfully his neutral and expert tracking of the pandemic and science around it has been allowed without apparent censorship.

In this presentation Campbell looks at Japan which recently experienced a massive spike in cases, and as a result allowed MDs to prescribe Ivermectin freely without restriction. So what happened? A complete and rapid collapse in cases to NIL.

I only have one comment. I have been quite surprised by how effectively many of us have been blindsided by a completely biased narrative around the science of this pandemic, and pandemics in general. How is it so many have been completely taken in by narratives originating in certain governing bodies for public health and medicine?

It wouldn't be quite so upsetting if it didn't boil down to the fact hundreds of thousands of hospitalizations and deaths would have been prevented by early treatment with the HUMAN version of Ivermectin, which won the Nobel prize in medicine (for use in humans), and has been given for decades to (literally) billions of humans worldwide, with a resultant safety record that is as good as it gets for pharmaceutical drugs.

And has been off patent for quite some time, and sells for a few dollars per dose.

This is a low point for developed world countries, especially the US, who have been captured by institutional structures whose perspectives on health and health safety are grossly distorted by profit biases.

It's never been more clear as it is in the way this pandemic was, and continues to be, mismanaged.

Monday, November 22, 2021

Why are some people highly resistant to contracting symptomatic Covid-19?

In a word it is high levels of natural immunity. Here's an excellent presentation based on recent studies as to what that is:

Sunday, November 21, 2021

there is something “mysterious” going on in Africa that is puzzling scientists

 Humm. Well I'm not going to say anything that might bring the wrath of the lockdown police upon me. But I will share what I've seen by reading what "non-conflicted" epidemiologists and research oriented clinicians have been saying from the beginning of the pandemic.

1) Well before "Maxine's" roll out most people who tested antibody positive had either experienced no symptoms, or mild symptoms.

2) The average global likelihood of dying was on the order of 0.01 percent.

3) Those with high available energy (younger people and fit older people) were the least likely to experience symptoms when "exposed".

4) Those with low available energy (older people and unfit younger people) were most likely to experience symptoms when "exposed".

5) Nature's own immunity, which occurs in those with high available energy (i.e. immune function), tends to last for decades and is resistant to variants.

And now we find ourselves in a situation where the continent (Africa) with the lowest "Maxine ratio" (6%), also has the lowest incidence of symptomatic infection, and countries (Germany) among those with highest "Maxine ratio" (70.5%) currently have the highest infection ratios so far.

Humm. Well folks, please obey the rules and DO NOT READ BETWEN THE LINES. And if you find what's written between the lines too obvious not to see, please do not talk about it "right out loud". The lockdown police will definitely not like that.

there is something “mysterious” going on in Africa that is puzzling scientists:

Germany has administered at least 117,286,226 doses of "Maxine" so far. Assuming every person needs 2 doses, that’s enough to have vaccinated about 70.5% of the country’s population.

I cannot know how long the above links will be active. Get 'em while their hot.